WARNING: Extremely hot weather is expected on Sunday

Publikálva: 2016. September 10.

On Sunday it could be as hot as 30°C (86°F). This is quite unique weather in September. As such drinking enough water and taking time to refresh yourself is essential.

Please keep in mind the following when preparing for the race:

– Drink more than you usually do already on Saturday and before the start.

– Take bottled water with you to the starting zone. If you start from to back it could take up to an hour before you arrive to the first refreshment station.

– Dress smart: always wear a hat; wear light colors and shorts; avoid stretchy clothing, the airier your cloths the better.

– This might not be the time to beat your personal best. Run at a leisurely pace and enjoy the beauty of the city in this fine weather.

– Refresh at every station. But please only take what you really need, think of the other behind you.

– Wet the sponge from your start package at the start and at every refreshment station.

– Where you can run in the shade.

– Listen to your body: slow down or stop if you feel something unusual.

– Always follow the instructions of the official medical personnel.

Last but not least fill in completely the details of your emergency contact on the back of your BIB!

With all this in mind have a great run and enjoy your time at Budapest!