Road work in the weekend!

Publikálva: 2015. October 7.

Unexpected roadwork will be carried out along the Marathon course on a section that runners will pass twice. This may lead to unwanted congestion during the race so please proceed with caution. The race will pass the section, on the ramp connecting Margitsziget (Margaret Island) with the Arpad bridge, at 9.9K and 32.9K. One lane on the ramp will be closed and the race course will narrow to a single lane. You may also use the sidewalk but due note that curb is unusually high so exercise due care. Organizers will be on the spot to help the field.

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Get your unique finisher medal

Publikálva: 2015. September 25.

Order now your medal insert engraved with your name and marathon or 30K time! By doing this you can skip the long queues and you don’t have to bother with cash. Buy it online and after the event we will send you the medal insert engraved with your name and time that fits neatly into the back of your finisher medal.We will engrave your name and time to a small stick-on card. This small card will fit perfectly into the back of your finisher medal. You don’t have to bother with cash after the race and then stand in a …

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CHANGES TO THE PASTA PARTY: it will be free at the SPAR Budapest Marathon

Publikálva: 2015. September 21.

 Realizing that the announcement was made too late and accepting the opinion of a lot of a people, we are going to change our former decision and the pasta party will be free for individual entrants of the marathon and the 30K.   We have held a pasta party for the last 29 years of the history of the Budapest Marathon. The number of participants has increased substantially over the last couple of years, on the other hand, the proportion (max. 23%) and also the number of runners taking part in the pasta party is smaller and smaller. Therefore there …

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