Race Info 2018

This is the 2018 race info, including opening times, locations and other particulars.
BSI reserves the right to change the route, program, and date of the event.

Date & location


September 9, 2018

Start/Finish area

Pázmány Péter sétány, Budapest, 1117 – in front of the Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE) Lágymányosi Campus


Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon: 21.097,5 m
NN Half Marathon Relay for 2: 21.097,5 m in two sections run by two runners
Sections: 12.7 km – 8.4 km
Laufenn Half Marathon Relay for 3: 21.097,5 m in three sections run by three runners
Sections: 8.3 km – 7 km – 5.8 km
Fun Run: 2.3 km


8:00 – Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon & Relay for 3 & NN Half Marathon Relay for 2 in four waves to lessen overcrowding and overtaking after the start.
11:45 – Fun Run 2.9 km

Wheelchair and handbike racers can start ahead of the field but they have to consult with the race organizers in advance about passing the lead car.

Starting zones:

You must start from the starting zone indicated by a sticker on your bib number. It was allocated by the planned pace you indicated at registration. Zones will open 25 minutes before the start and close 5 minutes before. Afterwards, you have to stand and start from the back of the field.

  • 1st zone: pace under 4:30 min/km
    • Half marathon and Relay: under 1 h 35 min
    • 1st wave
  • 2nd zone: pace between 4:30 and 5:00 min/km
    • Half marathon and Relay: between 1 h 35 min and 1 h 45 min
    • 1st wave
  • 3rd zone: pace between 5:00 and 5:30 min/km
    • Half marathon and Relay: between 1 h 45 min and 1 h 56 min
    • 2nd wave
  • 4th zone: pace between 5:30 and 6:00 min/km
    • Half marathon and Relay: between 1 h 56 min and 2 h 06 min
    • 3rd wave
  • 5th zone: pace between 6:00 and 6:30 min/km
    • Half marathon and Relay: between 2 h 06 min and 2 h 17 min
    • 4th wave
  • 6th zone: pace more than 6:30 min/km
    • Half marathon and Relay: more than 2 h 17 min
    • 4th wave



The course runs through the heart of Budapest, crosses several bridges and passes the most well-known sites of the city.

Click here to see the map of the course.

Race center & bib pick-up

Race centre


ELTE Lágymányosi Campus – Északi tömb: Pázmány Péter sétány 1a, Budapest 1117

Look for the the ‘North Building’ of the Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE).

Opening times:
  • September 7, Friday: between 8:00 and 19:00
  • September 8, Saturday: between 9:00 and 19:00
  • September 9, Sunday:
    • Half Marathon and Relays between 6:00 and 7:30
    • Fun Run between 10:00 and 11:30

Bib Pick-up

In the race centre starting on Friday until 30 minutes before the start.

You must have your registration confirmation with you to pick up your bib, either printed or the e-mail on your phone. To collect the bib of another runner you must show his/her registration confirmation.

Participants running their first half marathon are entitled to wear another bib on their back with „MY FIRST HALF MARATHON” will be written on it.
If you indicated in the registry form that this would be your first half marathon, you will get this race number automatically when picking up your race number. If you didn’t indicate it when registering for the event, you can ask for it at the problem-solving table in the race centre.

Changing rooms, cloakrooms, toilets

Changing rooms

Facilities will be in tents at the start/finish area. Showers are also available on location for individual half marathon runners.

Additionally, there will be changing rooms at the relay exchange stations.


In tents at the start/finish area.

Individual half marathon runners can use it with the baggage tag attached to the bib, others will receive an armband at the cloakroom.

Opening hours
  • Half Marathon and Relays:
    • drop-off between 6:00 and 7:30
    • pick-up between 9:15 and 11:30
  • Fun Run:
    • between 10:30 and 12:30

     Attention! We don’t guard valuables in the cloakroom!
There will be no cloakroom at the relay exchange stations.
There will be a monitored bike rack at the site of the race.


There will be portable toilets and urinals for men near the race centre, at the start/finish area, at each refreshment and relay exchange station.

Refreshment stations

There will be refreshment stations set up around ever 4-5 km along the way.

Next to water, they serve other drinks and snacks to help your run, such as iso-drinks, banana, and glucose.

Half Marathon and Relays 2018 (planned)
  • Start area: water taps
  • 4.2 km: water
  • 8.6 km: water, BioTechUSA IsoTonic, banana, glucose
  • 11.6 km: water, BioTechUSA IsoTonic, banana, glucose
  • 14.7 km: water, BioTechUSA IsoTonic, banana, glucose
  • 17.6 km: water, BioTechUSA IsoTonic, banana, glucose
  • 19.1 km: water, magnesium, glucose
  • Finish area: water taps
Fun Run

Runners may refresh with water at the start and finish line.

Relay Exchange

At the relay exchange station, you have to hand over the team bib to the next runner in the designated zone.

Each runner must pick up their finisher bag where they finish running, at the relay exchange station for most, and only the last runner at the finish line.

The relay medals for all runners will be given to the runner of the last section at the finish line.

NN Half Marathon Relay for 2 relay exchange station

Location: on Margaret Island, near the ‘Centenáriumi Emlékmű’ (monument), on the left side of the course (at 12,7 km).

How to get there (recommended):

  • Walk to the Petőfi híd, budai hídfő (bridgehead of Petőfi Bridge on the Buda side, approx. 8 minutes).
  • from there get on the tram 4/6 towards Pest (approx. 2 minutes – 1 stop) to Boráros tér,
  • then take the tram 2 to Jászai Mari tér (16 minutes – 9 stops).
  • From there walk through the Margit híd (Margaret Bridge) to Margitsziget (Margaret Island, approx. 11 minutes).
Laufenn Half Marathon Relay for 3 relay exchange stations

1st relay exchange station: at 8,3 km, on Árpád fejedelem útja, at the Tímár utca station of the HÉV (suburban rail)
How to get there (recommended):

  • Walk to the bus 153 (2 minutes), get on and go to Újbuda központ (6 minutes – 3 stops),
  • then get on the tram 41 and go to Batthyány tér (16 minutes – 8 stops),
  • then walk to the HÉV H5 (suburban rail, 2 minutes), get on the HÉV H5 and go to the
    Tímár utca stop (6 minutes – 3 stops).

2nd relay exchange station: at 15,3 km, on the Pesti alsó rakpart (Pest Danube Embankment), under the Margit híd (Margaret Bridge), on the left-hand side of the road.
How to get there (recommended):

  • Walk to the Petőfi híd, budai hídfő (bridgehead of Petőfi Bridge on the Buda side, approx. 8 minutes),
  • from there get on the tram 4/6 towards Pest (approx. 2 minutes – 1 stop) to Boráros tér,
  • then take the tram 2 to Jászai Mari tér (16 minutes – 9 stops).
  • From there walk under the Margit híd (Margaret Bridge, 2 minutes).
Rules of exchange:
  • Do not remove or injure the chip on the back of the team bib
  • Make sure you use your own team’s bib
  • Please leave the measuring areas as soon as possible


Pace runners

If you think you won’t be able to run at a predetermined speed, several pace runners aiming for different goal times and paces can help you realize your goals.
We choose all of our pace runners very carefully, all of them are experienced runners and they are able to surpass their own interests and do everything for the runners who are following them and trust them. They think instead of the runners, check the time regularly and encourage others.
You will be able to recognize them easily as you will see their flags (with their goal race pace and goal finish time) attached to their backs from a great distance.

Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon pace runner pairs:


In advance: online at entry.budapestmarathon.com until 17:00 on September 4, 2018. – Click here for prices and further details.

On-site: If the limit has not been reached registration is also possible on-site at the race centre.
There is no on-site registration for wheelchair and handbike racers!

The registration fee includes:

  • participation in the race
  • race number
  • a unique  technical T-shirt with the race logo (not included for Fun Run)
  • a unique finisher’s medal for finishers (not included for Fun Run)
  • refreshments
  • finisher’s bag
  • medical service
  • course closed to traffic
  • chip timing (not included for Fun Run)
  • other programs before and after the race
  • 21.26% VAT


Entry limit

Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon: 11.000 entries
Half Marathon Relay for 2 and 3: joint limit of 4400 entries

Time limit

2 hours 45 minutes net time
A sweep bus follows the runners at a 7:38-7:56 min/km pace. If you are passed by the sweep bus, you have to get on the bus, your race number will be crossed and you are not allowed to enter the finish area.

Age requirement

By race day, registrants for this event must be 12 or older (born before September 9, 2006).

There is no age requirement for the Fun Run.

Personalize your finisher medal

Order your medal insert engraved with your name and your result!
By doing this you can skip the long queues and you don’t have to bother with cash. Buy it online and after the event we will send you the medal insert engraved with your name and time that fits neatly into the back of your finisher medal.
We will engrave your name and time on a small stick-on metal card and send it to your postal address. When you get it you can easily stick it onto the back of your medal and your personalized medal is ready!
The medal insert can be ordered prior the race online at the entry.budapestmarathon.com website.
The personal medal insert can only be ordered for those with an individual result.
The price of the medal insert with shipping and handling (to a foreign address) is 6€.
Deadline: September 16, 2018

Time measurement

The UHF chip will be located at the back of your bib number.
Consequently, it is essential that you wear your own bib correctly: well visibly on your chest without folding it.
Failure to do so may result in a 10-minute time penalty.


Prizes will be issued to the top 3 male and female individuals and teams.


A list of results will be published online real time, the lists are being updated while runners are crossing the finish line.
Runners who do not have a time at one of the checkpoints along the course will not be given a rank.
Those who received a 10-minute penalty will be marked with an asterisk.

Medical assistance

During the race, medical services are available in the medical area beside the finish line.

If you see someone collapsing along the course please notify the race organizers posted at each kilometre sign or at the refreshment stations.

At the back of each bib, you can find the phone number of the medical team.

Fill in the emergency section on the back of your bib. Do not forget to mention if you have taken any medication before the race!

Additional information

  • Please wear your race number on the front and make sure that it is clearly visible at all times and don’t fold it! Make sure you put your race number on your T-shirt properly with the safety pins which can be found in your race packet and also on the registration tables. Improper wear might result in a 10-minute time penalty.
  • Participation in the event is open to any properly trained runner or wheelchair racer who has agreed to the standard terms and conditions.
  • When you use earphones, you are unable to hear noises from outside, so you might obstruct a runner who is trying to pass you or race marshals or members of the medical team. It is NOT PERMITTED to listen to MP3 players or any other devices plugged into both ears. Anyone breaking the rules can get a 10-minute time penalty.
  • Among the runners, there will be race organizers on bikes and motorbikes, and also ambulances if needed.
  • Participants are not permitted to roller-skate, bike, run without a race number, or run with a dog. Those attempting to run accompanied by someone on a bicycle or on roller-skates can be disqualified.
  • Any commercial or promotional activity should be permitted by BSI in advance, in a manner determined by BSI.
  • BSI reserves the right to limit the number of participants and close registration at any time.
  • BSI reserves the right to change the route, the program and the date of the event.