Our common interest is to start healthy and reach the finish line

Medical informations

Not only us, but your loved ones are also waiting for you at the finish line. Please read and adhere to the following medical guidelines.

You will find a medical tent at the start/finish area in case you encounter any issues

If you experience any discomfort before the race, you will find the medical tent near the start/finish area.

Safety first: Doctors are present both along the route and at the relay stations

Medical assistance will be available along the route: there will be medical teams at the relay stations cycling and motorized doctors will patrol within the field

Be sure to fill out the information section on the back of your race bib

If you encounter any issues during the race, you can find the emergency phone numbers on the back of your race bib. Please make sure to fill out the health information section on the back of your race bib before starting.

Consult with your doctor before participating in the race

While engaging in sports activities offers numerous physiological benefits, it can also carry a minimal level of risk. It is important to consult with your doctor before engaging in any high-performance activities.

Only start the race if you are adequately prepared

Only participate in sports events or intense training sessions that require more than average effort if you are well-prepared. Do not participate in the planned event or the next training session if you are ill, injured, have a fever, or have experienced vomiting or diarrhea.

If needed, slow down, stop, and ask for help without hesitation

If you experience any unusual symptoms during exercise or a race, slow down, stop if necessary, and seek assistance. The above applies regardless of the duration of the physical activity, as everyone has their own threshold for what constitutes significant exertion. Be responsible for your own well-being and engage in sports smartly.