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To register in advance, please use the online registration platform. If the capacity limit is not reached, you can register in person at the venue.

User account registration is required for online registration on the registration platform.

The pre-registration closes on September 3th, and until then, you have the opportunity to pre-register. If the participant limit is not reached, there will be a limited number of on-site registrations available in person.

Yes, user registration is mandatory before registration. Please provide your real personal information as these will be displayed on the results list and certificate.

You can contact us at [email protected] and our colleagues will assist you.

During the finalization of the online registration on the registration platform, you can pay with a credit card. Bank transfer is not possible.

Accepted card types for payment include:

  • embossed credit cards,
  • embossed debit cards,
  • online bank cards (Visa, MasterCard).

    Please feel free to use your card, as when making online payments, your data will be entered on a secure website.

For online registrations that have been paid, the system automatically generates an invoice to the name and address provided on the platform and sends it to the email address provided.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at [email protected]

Depending on the registration pace and participant limit, we may provide the opportunity for on-site registration. If we do not reach the predetermined participant limit, then yes, on-site registration will be possible.

If you are unable to participate in an event, you have the option to cancel your registration. In this case, the paid registration fee will not be forfeited and can be partially used until December 31st of the following year. Participants can handle cancellations individually through our online registration platform by logging into their own account.

For more detailed information, please click here.

onsite informations

It the event venue, around Pázmány Péter Promenade, parking spaces are limited. Since we are expecting tens of thousands of participants, it may not be easy to find available parking spaces. Therefore, we kindly ask you to consider arriving on foot, by bicycle, or by using public transportation. If you do choose to come by car, we recommend using parking areas further away from the venue and avoid attempting to reach the event site by car.

Near the race venue, specifically near the ELTE Lágymányos Campus, you will find a parking area at the beginning of Kopaszi Dam, where you can park for a fee. Please note that parking spaces there are also limited, so plan your arrival time accordingly.

We also suggest using the parking facility at Lurdy Ház. (In the surface parking lot, the first two hours are free from Monday to Sunday, after which each started hour costs 300 HUF. In the underground garage, parking costs 300 HUF per started hour from Monday to Sunday (the first 15 minutes are free).)

From Lurdy Ház, you can take tram line 1 across Rákóczi Bridge for 2 stops, then get off at the „Infopark” stop and walk approximately 500 meters to reach the event center.

We will set up the race center in the northern block of ELTE Lágymányos Campus.

From Déli pályaudvar (Southern Railway Station): Take tram 17 or 61 to Móricz Zsigmond körtér, then take tram 4 to Petőfi híd budai hídfő, and walk along Pázmány Péter Promenade (approximately 600 m).

From Keleti pályaudvar (Eastern Railway Station): Take metro line M4 to Móricz Zsigmond körtér, then take tram 4 to Petőfi híd budai hídfő, and walk along Pázmány Péter Promenade (approximately 600 m).

From Nyugati pályaudvar (Western Railway Station): Option 1: Take metro line M3 to Corvin negyed, then take tram 4/6 to Petőfi híd budai hídfő, and walk along Pázmány Péter Promenade (approximately 600 m). Option 2: Take tram 4/6 to Petőfi híd budai hídfő, and walk along Pázmány Péter Promenade (approximately 600 m).

You can click here to see the schedule of BKV (Budapest Public Transport) services.

For detailed information about each specific distance, you can find more information on the respective subpages.

You can find detailed information about the 10 km distance here, the 21.1 km distance here, and the relay distances here and here.

You will need to present the confirmation email to collect your BIB number.


September 6th from 12:00 to 17:00
– September 7th from 9:00 to 17:00

September 8th from 6:00 until 30 minutes before the race start


Exclusively on-site at the race center (the bib pickup location will be marked with signs).

Yes, you will need to present the confirmation email to collect your BIB number.

There will be a cloakroom and bag storage available. For detailed information about these services, please refer to the specific subpages for each distance.

You can find more information about the cloakroom and bag storage on the subpage of the 10-kilometer distance here, the subpage of the 21.1-kilometer distance here, and the subpages of the relay distances here and here.

The restrooms in the basement can be used at the women’s and men’s changing rooms. Mobile toilets will be available near the changing rooms as well as near the start/finish area. There will also be mobile urinals available for men. On the route, you will find mobile toilets at the refreshment stations and relay exchange points. Mobile urinals will also be available for men.

Yes, you can track the current position of the runners on

There will be pacers and time limits for the 10-kilometer and 21.1-kilometer distances. For further details regarding each specific distance, please visit the respective event pages:

For the 10-kilometer event, you can find the information here. For the half marathon event, you can find the information here.

We will be implementing a staggered start:

The half marathon and 10km participants will be started in multiple waves. At the front of each wave, there will be organizers who will lead the field to the starting line. Once participants reach the starting line, they will be released at 1 minute and 15 seconds intervals, and the same process will be followed for subsequent waves.

Start zones 21,1 km:

  • Zone 1: Sub 4:30 min/km – Sub 1:35:00 half marathon
  • Zone 2: 4:30-5:00 min/km – 1:35:00-1:45:00 half marathon
  • Zone 3: 5:00-5:30 min/km – 1:45:00-1:56:00 half marathon
  • Zone 4: 5:30-6:00 min/km – 1:56:00-2:06:00 half marathon
  • Zone 5: 6:00-6:30 min/km – 2:06:00-2:17:00 half marathon
  • Zone 6: Over 6:30 min/km – Over 2:17:00 half marathon

Start zones 10 km:

  • 1st zone: Within 4:30 min/km – 10 km time between 45:00 min and below
  • 2nd zone: Between 4:30-5:00 min/km – 10 km time between 45:00-50:00 min
  • 3rd zone: Between 5:00-5:30 min/km – 10 km time between 50:00-55:00 min
  • 4th zone: Between 5:30-6:00 min/km – 10 km time between 55:00-1:00:00 h
  • 5th zone: Between 6:00-6:30 min/km – 10 km time between 1:00:00-1:05:00 h
  • 6th zone: Above 6:30 min/km – 10 km time above 1:05:00 h


Before the event

You can find the start times by clicking on the following link.

For detailed information about each specific distance, you can find more information on the respective subpages.

You can find detailed information about the 10 km distance here, the 21.1 km distance here, and the relay distances here and here.

It is NOT ADVISED for runners to listen to any kind of audio or playback device that diminishes the external sounds by inserting them into both ears at the same time while running.

At the race, the cyclists and motorcycle organizers work in the field, and if necessary, the ambulance cars are also present.

The headphones suppress external noises, thus hindering the runner from obstructing the fellow runners and the organizing team carrying out their duties, including the medical team.

Please wear your race bib on the front of your clothing, ensuring it is visible at all times, and do not fold it. Make sure to securely attach your race bib using the safety pins provided in your race packet or available at the registration desks.

If the pace of the last runner falls below the pacemaker’s pace, they will be required to board the sweep bus. Their race bib will be marked, and they will not be permitted to enter the finish area.

Participating in the race on inline skates, cycling, running without a race bib, or running with a dog is not allowed. There is no provision for cycling escorts during the race.

  • A competitor who folds their race bib, obscures it, or fails to wear it visibly during the race may receive a 10-minute time penalty.

  • A competitor can be disqualified if they repeatedly violate the race bib wearing rule, despite multiple warnings. Disqualification can also occur if a competitor fails to complete the full designated distance as determined by the race organizers or if they inaccurately or incompletely fill out the registration form with incorrect or missing information. Additionally, improper use of the timing chip can also lead to disqualification.

After the event

You can browse the results list on the following website after crossing the finish line. Click here.

You can download your certificate by clicking on the button next to your name on the website.

You can find the summary films, finish line videos, and live broadcast materials of the event on our social media pages and official YouTube channel.

We will publish a short selection of photos in the days following the race. The official photos taken by FutóFotó photographers are usually available around Thursday or Friday of the week following the event. We will communicate the exact availability accordingly.

We collect lost items after the race. If you have left behind a personal item during the race, you can inquire about its whereabouts by emailing [email protected]

Yes! You are warmly welcome to our upcoming events as well. You can find more information about these events on the website.