Eat to make a good deed!

Publikálva: 2015. September 7.

The Hungarian Food Bank Association’s Mobile Kitchen is waiting for you with a charity buffet on the 30th Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon on 12 September from noon and on 13 September from 7am in their tent (near the Race Center).
The Hungarian Food Bank Association started its work in September 2005, and became a full-fledged member of the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) in 2006. In the last 10 years they gathered food suitable for consumption, within the expiration date, but for some reason (wrong packaging, close to expiration date, seasonality) doomed to be destroyed. In 2014 they delivered 1,600 tons of food to nearly 300,000 people in need free of charge and this amount continues to grow in 2015.
The income that our charity kitchen generates will help to feed the needy who are catered by us.
How much is your purchase worth for the ones in need?
Every 1000 Ft (approx. EUR 3) helps them transport approximately 20-30.000 Ft (EUR 70-100) worth of food.
The purchase of a plate of spaghetti helps them deliver 27,000 Ft (EUR 85) worth of donations. From the price of a menu 418 “saved” yogurt can reach the needy as food donations provided to the Food Bank in each case are free of charge, so there’s only a handling and a transportation expense.
On Saturday 12 September we are waiting for you at the race number collection with a Pre-run menu:
Espresso: 300 Ft
Lemonade (elderflower, traditional) 4 dl 500 Ft
Spaghetti with Italian tomato sauce and a little extra 900 Ft
Home-made energy bar (gluten and milk free) 550 Ft
On 13 September they thought of both the runners and their fans:
Espresso: 300Ft
Lemonade (elderflower, traditional) 4 dl 500 Ft
Tomato Soup with a little extra 500 Ft
Bagel sandwiches 700 Ft
Menu: soup + bagel 1100 Ft
Majomkenyér biscuits (gluten and milk free) 530Ft/50g, 850Ft/100g
Eat to make a good deed!