BIB Pick-up

The dates of bib pick-up for the 37th Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon will be updated later. 

All what you have to know about BIB pick-up

It is very important to read not only the information about the BIB pick-up, but also the section on proof the conditions of participation due to the pandemic situation. Now this procedure is the part of the process as the consequence of the legal requirements.

You must have your registration confirmation with you to pick up your bib, either printed or the email on your phone. To collect the bib of another runner you must show his/her registration confirmation email. Stand at any table that frees up.


BIB PICK-UP – Location and dates

You can pick-up your bib number in the opening hours of the Race center.

Address of the race center

Pázmány Péter sétány, Budapest, 1117 – in front of the Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE) Lágymányosi Campus – MAP HERE!


Info for Relays

Relay runners get two kinds of bibs:

    • This bib includes the team bib number and the index number of the team member
    • This bib must be clearly visible at all times during the race, worn on the front.
    • If the first team member participates in the individual half marathon race in addition to the relay race, wearing this bib is not necessary.
    • This bib includes the team bib number and the fact that it is a relay race bib.
    • This bib has the timing chip on it.
    • This bib has to be handed over to the next runner.
    • This bib has to be worn by the actual runner on the back – with the help of a bib holding belt that runners get when picking up their bib.
    • This bib contains all the necessary information regarding the relay exchange stations and the relay race

Proof of participation condition

Due the current Government pandemic decree in force, participation in sports festivals with more than 500 people – including Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon – is possible only if one of the following conditions is met:

  • person protected against coronavirus – proof of COVID-19 vaccination with the COVID certificate
  • person protected against coronavirus – proof of recovery from infection with the COVID certificate
  • athlete who is a competitive athlete in accordance with the Sports Act, a certified athlete with a sports doctor’s license
  • a person under eighteen years under the supervision of a person protected against a coronavirus

It is necessary to check the above in order to participate, therefore the BIB of the 36th Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon can only be taken over by the person who proves his / her identity and one of the above conditions upon pick-up of the BIB.

This can be done as follows:
  1. Present the COVID certificate and identity card (identity card or passport)
  2. Present the digital COVID certificate (EESZT application) and identity card (identity card or passport)
    We cannot check the QR code on-site at all places, please pay attention to the boards to choose the right row!
  3. Athlete who is a competitive athlete, a sports organization registration certificate, sports doctor’s license and identity card (identity card or passport)
    We don’t have the ability to check digital databases, we cannot view medical and other certificates uploaded to the cloud, so please bring the above printed documents with you (or download them to your phone)!
  4. In case of participant under age of 18, present the accompanying adult COVID certificate (one of the points listed above).
  • In the case of the Relays, the BIB will only can be picked up, if the transferee can prove the protection of all members of the team based on the above. A photocopy of the team members’ security and identity documents is suitable for this.
  • If you would like to take over the BIB of one of your Friend, please bring the copies of his documents.

Online registration is possible at the latest until midnight on September 6.

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so by clicking here!